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A Definition of Sales

Sales is an exchange of value between one or more parties. The value could be in the form of a product, service, idea, gratification or really anything beneficial. All individuals sell, regardless of profession or age. It is those who sell themselves with integrity and value to others that become successful in whatever they do. 


Research the values, goals, and business needs of the parties involved in your sale. Understand how each party conducts an exchange.

Building Rapport

Get to know the parties involved in your sale. Explore common interests, and socialize. Good rapport is a strong foundation for trust.

Value Building

Explain to each party of your sale how your value will address their needs. Be sure to address all needs discovered in the research phase.

Closing Questions

Understand how the parties of your sale feel about your value. Ask open ended questions to assess where you are in the sales process before a hard close.

Handling Objections

Help the parties of your sale finalize their decision to exchange value. Address any concerns each party may have before finishing the sale.